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EPF (Employee provident fund) is a nationwide scheme under the Employee’s provident funds and miscellaneous Act 1952. It’s directed to help all registered employees to save for their retirement. The scheme is established under the EPFO (employee provident fund organization). A body created and run by the government under the Ministry of Labour and employment. The social scheme covers all companies who have signed a bilateral agreement. It works as a retirement benefits scheme for employed or salaried people in India.

EPF India

The EPFO allows companies with 20+ employees to register for the organization. However, organizations with fewer employees are also eligible for the scheme. The funds are derived from a fraction of the Employee’s monthly salary. The employer also provides a certain percentage of the EPF amount. The amount is deducted once the worker starts working for the company. It’s a monthly deduction scheme that will benefit the contributor after or on retirement. The EPF funds take 12% (3.67% employee and 8.33% employer) of the basic salary and allowances.

Epfindia gov in

epfindia gov in

Objectives of EPFO

The EPFO is the governing body that pools all the PF contributions. The organizations later disburse the appropriate amount to the Employee. Once the retirement age reaches, the Employee will apply for EPF withdrawal and receive their amount through the bank account. It’s beneficial as it canters for insurance, medical and other allowance. The beneficiary family members will also benefit from the EPF scheme.

  • The EPFO helps in implementing online services to serve all EPF members.
  • They promote and encourage Employees on voluntary compliance.
  • Improve on services such as reduce the claim settlement days from 20 days to 3 days.
  • Help members access their details online and reduce congestion at the EPF offices.
  • Govern the EPF and ensure they follow the rules and regulations set by the EPFO.
  • The organization ensures the Employee has one EPF and can access all the PF amount in one account.

Universal Account Number (UAN)

The UAN is a unique 12-digit number provided by the EPFO for every registered member. Employees cannot hold multiple UAN numbers since they are different and unique for each Employee. The UAN number cannot change even after switching jobs. It’s significant and helps in accessing the EPF account details.

An employee can have all their funds from different accounts reflect in one account through the UAN number. The number must be activated by the current employer or using the EPFO website portal. EPF members can access services such as withdraw, balance check, statement, and more using a UAN number.

Schemes Under the EPFO

The EPFO has several schemes attached and linked to the EPF funds. The contribution shares different percentages to the schemes.

  • EPF – Employees’ provident fund scheme 1952
  • Employees’ pension scheme 1995 (EPS)
  • Employee deposit linked insurance scheme 1976 (EDLI)

EPFO Services

Registered employees can receive different services from the EPFO body as follows:

Customer care for the dormant accounts

The EPFO has a help desk for employees whose accounts are dormant or old inoperative accounts. The employees can activate the accounts and withdraw the funds or transfer the amount to the current accounts.

EPF Online Withdraw Process

Employees can withdraw their PF contributions using UAN. The EPFO allows workers who are unemployed for more than two months. To withdraw part of the funds. The employees should have their Aadhaar and Bank details linked with the UAN card.

Certificate of coverage for international workers.

 Employees working abroad with countries that have a social security agreement with India. They can access the certificate of coverage using an online platform.

The monthly returns for exempted organizations

The EPFO has a platform for exempted organizations to file their monthly returns.

UMANG app (EPFO Official APP)

The EPFO also has created a unified mobile application for new-age governance. The workers can use the UAN and password to open the app. They can access all EPF details from their mobile app.

PF Online transfer

Employees who change their jobs can transfer their PF amount from the old account to the current account—using the UAN and online EPF website.

Online registrations for establishments

(OLRE) online registration for establishment can be completed using the EPFO portal.

PF Online Payments

The EPFO requires organizations to make PF payments through online mode. Different banks have signed an agreement with EPFPO. To help in collecting the payments every month.

EPF Missed call and SMS services

After activating the UAN, members can enjoy the missed call and SMS services. TheMissed call number to make is 011-22901406 and SMS message to 7738299899.

PF Claim status and passbook

Through the EPFO portal, members can access claim status, download EPF passbook, and balance check using UAN.

EPFO Grievances

Employees can also register complaints through the EPFO portal.

PF Contributions

The EPF contribution is deducted from the monthly salary where the Employee and employer provide different percentages.

Category NamePercentage of Contribution
Employees Provident Fund (EPF)3.67%
Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS)8.33%
Employee’s Deposit Link Insurance Scheme (EDLIS)0.50%
EPF Admin Charges1.10%
EDLIS Admin Charges0.01%

Methods of Checking EPF Balance

  • Through the EPFO portal: the user needs to login using UAN and password. The EPF balance details are under the member ID section.
  • Using the UMANG app.
  • Using missed call and SMS service.

EPF Eorms

Type of Form
31 Form
10D – Form
13 Form
19 Form
20 Form
51F Form

EPF Withdrawal

The EPFO allows employees to withdraw their EPF funds partially. The organizations provide reasons such as wedding expenses, buying a house, education, and medical expenses. The amount offered is based on the reason the Employee provides. The organization also has a lock-in period for partial withdraw. The registered worker can also withdraw the amount if there are severe cases or proper reasons.

This includes retirement age, mental illness leading to resignation, incapability death of the Employee, or relocation to another country. However, the law doesn’t advise employees to withdraw the amount before five years of service. Members who request the amount will have to pay tax for the interest earn.

EPF Withdraw without employer signature

Employees can now withdraw their funds without the employer’s signature.

EPF Withdraw with Aadhaar card

  • The member should link the Aadhaar card to the UAN number and use the EPFO portal to withdraw the funds. They don’t require employers signature when they cards are linked.
  • The Aadhaar card and all bank details should match and be linked to the UAN.
  •  Your employer should verify both Aadhaar card and bank details.
  • The Employee’s UAN card should be activated to access the EPFO portal services.
  • After completing the steps, download form 19 UAN and form 10C.
  • Enter name, address, registered mobile number, PAN number, and reasons for leaving and joining date.
  • Ensure all details match on all cards from Aadhaar, bank details, and UAN KYC.
  • Finally, the Employee should attach a canceled cheque to the form and submit details to the regional EPF office.

EPF Withdraw without an Aadhaar card.

  • The Employee should download Form 19, form 31, or form 10C from the EPFO portal.
  • Fill in all the mandatory details. An authorized signatory should attest to the form. They should sign every page of the form.
  • The page will request the reason for not getting the employer’s signature. Enter the option “non-cooperation.
  • The Employee has to attach a security bond with Rs. 100 stamp paper, one payslip, employment ID, appointment letter, and form 19.
  • The member has to attach KYC documents for identity proof. The application should also have an attested form, canceled cheque, and other legal documents for verification.
  • Submit the request form and all the attachments to the EPF office.

EPF Claim Status

To check the EPF status, one must provide the following:

  • Employment details
  • An extension code
  • Your employer’s regional office.
  • UAN number.

The process can be conducted online or through missed call services and SMS.


How to login to the EPFO portal

To log in, you need to activate your UAN through your employer or EPFO portal. After activation, you can log in to the page and access the following details.

  • Downloading the UAN card and passbook.
  • View the PF linking status.
  • Member ID check
  • View the status for PF transfer claim.
  • Employees can edit personal details on the portal.
  • The user can also update the KYC details online.

EPFO Employer Login details

  • The employers can access the EPFO website using the link https://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/For_employers.php.
  • Once logged in, the employer can activate UAN request sent by the employees.

EPFO Account Holder’s Exit date Online Update after a job change

The EPFO has introduced the exit date update feature for employees. Previously the feature was available for employers only.

  1. Go to the EPFO website page.
  2. https://www.epfindia.gov.in/
  3. On the login page, enter your UAN and password details to proceed.
  4. Next, proceed to the section indicated as “manage” and click the tab “mark exit.”
  5. The system will open a drop down list, choose the option “select employment.”
  6. On the option, you can select your PF account number.
  7. Next, fill in the date of exit and state the reason for the exit.
  8. Click the Request OTP button to get an OTP sent to your mobile number.
  9. Next, enter the OTP code and click the checkbox.
  10. Select the option “update”>”ok”
  11. The portal will send a confirmation message about the successful update.
  12. Go to the menu tab “view” under the option “service history.”
  13. Now you can see the date of joining and exit for the EPS and EPF accounts.
  14. The process is available only after two months of leaving the employment.

All employees should update their exit date for the claim submission and settlements. If the date is not updated, the user has to pay tax for the interest gain during the vacant period.

EPO Grievances

To register a grievance, employees can use the EPFO website portal using the steps below.

  1. Go to the EPFO website page.
  2. On the homepage, click the option “EPF grievances system.”
  3. A new page will open displaying the EPFO grievance management system.
  4. Click the tab “register grievance” on the menu.
  5. The system will display the grievance registration form.
  6. Enter all required details on the form.
  7. Next, enter your status: employer, Employee, EPS pensioner, etc.
  8. Key in your PF number and the regional EPF office location.
  9. Enter your name, address, pin code, country, phone number, and email ID.
  10. Finally, enter your grievance on the space provides. Select the grievance from the list provided.
  11. Now upload the grievance letter and captcha code.
  12. Recheck the details and click submit button.

PF Toll-Free number

The EPFO has a toll-free number for employees; they can call to learn about their KYC or UAN details. The toll-free number 1800-118 005 to access the EPFO customer care desk.

Withdraw of unclaimed funds

  • Visit the EPFO website page and get the EPF claim form.
  • Fill in all the required details and submit the form to the post office.
  • The EPFO will send the PF amount within 3-20 working days.


EPF members can update their KYC details on the EPFO portal in the following steps:

  1. Login to the UAN EPFO website portal.
  2. On the menu, select the manage KYC tab. Choose the type of documents you need to update from the page. s
  3. Enter the document number and name of the applicant for each document.
  4. You can also check the expiry date of the documents and make changes.
  5. Recheck the changes and click the save button.
  6. Click the submit button.
  7. The employer will verify the details and approve if correct.
  8. The employees will get an SMS confirming the approval.


  1. Can the employer reduce the PF share contribution?

    No, the employer cannot reduce any share of EPF. The government has set the share as 12 percent for every Employee.

  2. Can an apprentice become a member of EPF?

    No, they cannot register for EPF unless they are fully employed.

  3. Can an employee join the EPF directly?

    No, Employee must have an organization that is working with the EPFO body.

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