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The U.A.N. is a unique and legal 12-digit number issued to all registered employees under the EPFO body. The number helps in accessing P.F. accounts without any strain.  The Ministry of Employment and labor establishes the number under the Government of India.  The number is unique for every member.  EPFO only issues one U.A.N. number during the employee’s lifetime. E.P.F. members can access all the E.P.F. details through the number.  All members should link their bank KYC, registered mobile number, Aadhaar card, and P.A.N. card to the U.A.N. for easy access.

The U.A.N. has benefited employees who can now merge all their P.F. accounts. Before, an employee had to open a different P.F. account once they shifted to new jobs. It was challenging to keep records of the past account. Now employees can have a unified account through the U.A.N. member portal. E.P.F. members can withdraw, check balances, and other EPFO services using U.A.N.

UAN Activation & UAN Registration

Importance/benefits of UAN 

To receive all E.P.F. services, the EPFO introduced the U.A.N. number. It has helped reduce congestion in the EPFO regional offices.  Members can observe their contribution and also withdraw without any restrictions.

  • Members can merge all their (member I.D.s) P.F. account to one account. 
  • It’s easy to withdraw P.F. funds, check balance, E.P.F. passbook, and E.P.F. account through the EPFO portal.
  • Employers cannot withhold employees’ E.P.F. funds. 
  • It has reduced congestion and saves time and resources. 
  • The online platform is transparent as employees can view their own P.F. account. 
  • Employers can now verify employee’s details or KYC through UAN
  • E.P.F. members can check their passbook using the SMS method as follows: EPFOHO UAN ENG to 7738299899.  The request should be from the registered mobile number.

Required Documents for UAN

To avail of the U.A.N. services, the employee has to provide several documents as follows:

  • Applicants’ banking details: IFSC code, account number, branch name, and more.
  • Identity proof documents: Aadhaar card, voter id, passport, and DL.
  • Address proof documents and current address.
  • PAN card and Aadhaar card.
  • The employees’ state insurance corporation ESIC card.

All the above documents must be linked to the U.A.N. for one to access the EPFO portal.

Features of UAN

The U.A.N. number is constant regardless of the job changes an employee takes.  However, the member I.D. will change when you change your workplace.  To access all the member I.D.s, the U.A.N. will help consolidate the accounts to one unified account.

  • Employees can track all member I.D.s. 
  • The EPFO body can view the bank and KYC details of every member due to the U.A.N. number.
  • With the introduction of U.A.N., members don’t request early P.F. withdraws since they can have all funds under one account and withdraw at retirement age.
  • U.A.N. eases the verification of employees

Services provided by the EPF Member portal

The U.A.N. login portal is significant for both employees and employers. The portal has different services as follows:

  • Downloading the employee passbook and U.A.N. card. 
  • Viewing of member I.D.s and P.F. claim status. 
  • Transfer claim status, file a claim, and generated transfer claims. 
  • Editing mobile number and email id
  • Updating the KYC details and uploading any required document. 
  • Helpdesk contact details.

UAN Registration

Through employer

To ease the process, many employers print the U.A.N. number on the salary slip.  Employees also can visit the employer’s office to get their U.A.N.

Through member I.D. on the U.A.N. portal

  1. Go to the U.A.N. portal
  2. Next, choose the option “know your U.A.N. status. 
  3. Proceed and select your state and EPFO office from the menu. 
  4. Next, enter your P.F. member I.D., name, D.O.B., and captcha code. 
  5. The page will send an OTP/PIN to your registered mobile number. 
  6. Use the P.I.N. and select the option validate OTP and get U.A.N.
  7. The U.A.N. number will be sent to the mobile number.

UAN Activation

How to activate and login to EPFO using the U.A.N.

  1. Visit the EPFO website page and click the option “our services”>for employees.”
  2. Next, click the tab member U.A.N./ online services. 
  3. A new page will open; enter the following details:
  4. U.A.N. 
  5. Mobile number
  6. P.F. member I.D. 
  7. Recheck the details and enter the security code provided on the page. 
  8. Select the tab “get authorization P.I.N.”
  9. Next, click the checkbook indicated “I agree” and key in the OTP sent to your mobile number. 
  10. The portal will send the login password to access the EPFO portal. 


  1. Will I change the U.A.N. card once I shift to a new job?

    The EPFO body offers every registered employee under E.P.F. a U.A.N. number. The number is unique and is only issued once. Once you shift to a new job, provide your new employer the U.A.N. number to link to the new member I.D. The U.A.N. doesn't change, but the member I.D.s do every time you get a new workplace.

  2. How to transfer P.F. balance from old P.F. account to new P.F.?

    Once the employer links your U.A.N. to a new P.F. account, you can easily transfer your previous balance from the old account to the new account. The U.A.N. helps in merging all member I.D.s to one account. 

  3. What will happen if my date of birth is not correct in the E.P.F. card?

    The EPFO allows users to edit their details through an online process. The user has to provide identity documents to acts as proof. Suppose you find it hard to edit the portal that has a help desk section for the same.

  4. What is the login password for the U.A.N. portal?

    During the registration and activation process. The applicant should create a password to help access the EPFO portal. The password should be 8-25 characters (alpha-numeric password).

  5. What documents are considered KYC documents?

    The KYC provides more information about the member. 
    Ration card, PAN card, Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, Passport, National population register, Bank account number, DL.
    The Aadhaar, P.A.N. card, and bank details should be linked to the U.A.N. for proper E.P.F. processing. 

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