How to Check EPF Claim Status Online and Offline Methods

The Indian government considers retirement a significant process, which should be addressed while an employee is still strong and working. The government, through the registered body EPFO, has established the EPF scheme. All registered organizations under the EPFO will send a fraction of the employee’s salary to the PF account every month. The employer also will contribute a portion of saving, which should amount to 12%.

EPF Claim Status

The EPF scheme helps employees save for their retirement. The EPFO has set a standard retirement age for all Indian employees. Organizations with 20 or more employees can join the organization and contribute to the proposed amount. Employees have the right to check their PF account through the EPFO portal. They check their balances, statement, and status easily online.

However, the employee can also visit the EPFO offices for the same process. This is time-consuming but also works for many. The EPFO allows members to request partial withdraws in education, medical expenses, purchasing a house or construction, a marriage of children, and more. The applicant should apply online and submit the documents and application form to the EPFO. The organization will verify the details and approve if the reasons are eligible. To learn about the claim status, one can view it through an online or offline process. 

What is PF Claim Status?

A PF claim status is the information showing the latest results about the EPF withdrawal request. The status provides the applicants with an idea of whether the application is in process, canceled, or approved. The applicant can also rectify any mistakes on the application. There are several methods of checking claim status as follows:

EPF Claim Status Check Online Methods

Using UAN member portal

  • Visit the UAN member portal and enter your password and UAN to login.
  • On the menu, choose the option “online services” >track claim status. 
  • The system will process all your withdraw and transfer status on the screen.

For applicants who used offline processes cannot access the UAN member portal. However, they can use the EPFO portal to track their PF status.

PF Claim Status Through EPFO Portal

The EPFO has it’s portal open to all EPF members. They can check all EPF services online without the need to visit the offices. They can also acquire their UAN and request for PF withdrawal online using the EPFO portal.

  1. Go to the EPFO website page via the link 
  2. proceed to the menu and select the option “our service” and select the tab “for employees.”
  3. The portal will direct you to a new page; click the tab “service.”
  4. Next, click the tab “know your claim status.”
  5. Key in the UAN and security code provided on the page. 
  6. Next select the option “search”>”member ID”>view claim status. 
  7. The system will generate the PF claim status on the screen.

How to Check Claim Status Using PF Account Number without UAN

Employees can also check the claim status using the PF account number. One can follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the EPFO website page.
  2. On the homepage menu, click the option “know your claim status.”
  3. Select the button “click here to know the claim status.”
  4. Choose the respective PF office state and city from the menu list. 
  5. Now enter your PF account number and click submit button. 
  6. The PF claim status will appear on the screen.

PF Claim Status Through UMANG Mobile APP

The EPFO has a special UMANG app, which is open to all EPF members. One has to update their mobile number with UAN to access the app services.

  1. On your mobile number, go to the Google app store page. 
  2. Enter the UMANG app on the search bar. Select the right choice and start the download process. 
  3. Install and open the app to continue.
  4. Next, click on the “employee centric service” tab. 
  5. Proceed and click the option “track claim.”
  6. Next, enter your UAN and click “get OTP.”
  7. The system will send an OTP to your registered mobile number. 
  8. Enter the OTP to verify the details and click the login tab to complete the process. 
  9. The portal will generate information such as tracking ID, claim status, the date the claim was raised, and the results.

PF Claim Status Through an Offline Method

Through SMS method

The EPF member can check the status using a simple SMS method. The mobile number must be registered and linked to the UAN portal. The EPFO has a structured format to follow when sending the request. The applicant should follow the format: EPFOHO UAN LAN. The initials LAN mean language which the users prefer. There are other language choices such as ENG, HIN, BEN, TEL, MAR, and more.

Using missed call

The PF claim is also available through the missed call service. You can call using your registered mobile number. The EPFO provides users with the number 011-22901406. The call will automatically disconnect after few rings. The system will send an SMS to the mobile number updating about the status. Employees should also link and update their Aadhaar card, PAN, and bank details with UAN.

Eligibility Criteria for EPF Claims

All EPF members are eligible for the EPF to withdraw once they attain the retirement age. However, some situations may cause partial withdraws.


Members who are over 55 years can request for the whole PF corpus. The government and EPFO have set 55 years and above as the retirement age. For employees taking early retirement, they are not eligible for the full claim.

Before retirement

EPF members who are 54 years can claim 90% of their EPF funds. However, they must retire after one year to attain the 55-year mark.


The PF member can claim 75% of the funds if they are not employed for a month. They can claim the whole amount if the unemployment situation goes beyond two months. The 25% claim should be transferred to the new account once they acquire a new job.

The EPFO allows members to withdraw funds if they have cases such as education, medical expenses, construction, or purchasing a home. To request PF online or offline, the member needs to provide the following.

  • Application form to the concerned authority. 
  • Provide reasons for the claim. 
  • Applicant’s age and status of the employment.

Claims form for different situations.

How to Cancel the PF Claim 

The EPF portal doesn’t provide applicants with the choice to cancel the PF claim. The employee should contact the EPFO regional office. To help cancel the PF process, which was conducted online.

How to Withdraw EPF/How to Apply for EPF Online

  1. Visit the UAN member portal and log in using the UAN and password. 
  2. On the menu, select the option “online service”>claim forms (form 31, 19, and 10C).
  3. Next, enter the last four digits of your registered bank account. 
  4. Select the verify button. 
  5. The applicant needs to attach their signature on the certificate of the undertaking. 
  6. Next, click the “yes” button followed by the option “proceed for the online claim. 
  7. To withdraw the funds online, click the button “PF advance form 31.
  8. The system will open a new page to enter the purpose of getting the advance. 
  9. Choose the amount and enter the address details. 
  10. First, tick the displayed certificate and recheck all the information entered. Next, click submit button. 
  11. Now scan all the required documents and submit them together with the withdrawal form.

Employees can request and use different services through the UAN member portal or the EPFO portal. They can also use the offline method to access all services. The employer also plays a big role in the withdrawal process. They have to approve the process, and once they approve. The funds are directed to the applicant’s bank account.

  1. What documents are required to start the EPF claim online?

    The employee should have all legal documents which indicate their KYC information. They require the UAN, bank account details, PAN card, and Aadhaar number. All the documents should be seeded with UAN.

  2. Can EPF nominees withdraw pension from different financial institutions?

    The EPFO allows pension beneficiaries to withdraw funds only at the banks they registered their accounts. 

  3. How long can EPF member retain their EPF membership?

    Employees can retain the EPF membership until they retire or withdraw their funds. The membership is also lost if there no contributions on members' account for three or more years. 

  4. EPF claim status shows payment under process

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