EPFO Forgot Password – How to Reset / Change Forgot UAN Password

EPFO Forgot Password- How to Reset / Change UAN Password. Forgot UAN Password Reset / Change at uinifiedporta-mem.epfindia.gov.in. EPF Aadhar Link Online step by step procedure given below

EPFO Forgot Password

Unique by fact and nature Employee provident fund comes in handy for all employees in the India. Working under the Employee provident fund organization, employees are guaranteed of the safety for each saving. The scheme applies for both private and public sectors where organizations register 20 or more workers. Here the employees benefit at the retirement age thus catering for different issues like health and housing.

The government in full support of the scheme has come up with a portal where workers can check progress on their accounts. Employees have the right to check the accounts and also make changes if any. Sometimes one forgets passwords or needs to reset the account personal details. This happens from the official website where the employee can access the account. EPFO Forgot Password

What Employees can Change/ make at EPF UAN Login Account?

  1. Rest UAN password.
  2. Change of the registered mobile number, email address etc.
  3. Resetting EPFO login password.
  4. Check balance
  5. Get details of the future benefits and any enquires.

This being few to mention today we focus on the reset or change of the UAN password. We have different steps below using the online method. Note one needs the registered mobile number in order to receive the OTP. The number will help verify the reset process. In this case ensure the number is working. This also helps to notify you that an action is happening to your account if you haven’t authorized the process.

EPFO UAN Password Reset

EPFO Forgot Password

How to Reset or recover forgot UAN login password.

Due to the many accounts one holds, keeping in mind the login password for the EPF or the UAN can be hard at times. Employees find the process hard to crack. Though it requires few steps after the change you need to have simple but strong password.

Follow the guidelines below for EPFO Forgot Password reset:

  1. Navigate to the official website page: https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  2. Landing on the EPFO member e-SEWA homepage.
  3. Go to the menu and select the “forgot password”.   This is suited at the top right side of the homepage.
  4. Here click on the “forgot UAN password” a new page will appear.
  5. Now fill in your UAN number, followed by the captcha code.
  6. Check the details then select the submit tab.
  7. Proceed to the new page where you’re to enter the UAN number and registered mobile number.
  8. Select the yes button to continue.
  9. The system will generate an OTP which will be sent to the mobile. Enter the number on the given space to verify the details.
  10. Give the system sometime and after the confirmation process, you can now create new password.
  11. Re-enter the new password for confirmation.
  12. A successful note will show, from here you can now login to your EPF account.

One can only access the EPF account using their personal details. Forgetting prompts one to have a reset or make changes. However, if employee feels their account isn’t safe they can change the password. The process is easy, one needs their previous password and registered mobile number. To get the UAN password changed follow the steps below.

EPFO Password Change After Login

UAN is a unique 12 digit number document. It issued to all employees and comes in handy in matters of EPF.  The provident fund account is linked to the UAN to help track the employee’s details. This also helps the employees benefit from the government subsidies. UAN is only issued once and cannot be shared.

How to Change UAN password after EPFO login

  1. Visit the EPFO official website page: https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  2. On the homepage enter the UAN number and password.
  3. Note this process applies for employees who have their password but need to make changes.
  4. Enter the captcha code or the security code carefully.
  5. Below you find two buttons indicated as sign in and reset.
  6. Click on the reset button.
  7. The system will automatically send an OTP to the registered mobile number.
  8.  Use the number to verify the process and after successful confirmation.
  9. A space for new password will show.
  10. Enter the password and then re-enter for confirmation.
  11. After this you can use the password to login to your EPF or UAN.

The EPFO also simplifies ways of acquiring funds from the employee provident fund account.  Withdrawal process and saving procedure can be done using the official website.  Employees don’t have to visit the employer’s offices to check their accounts.

EPF Aadhaar Linking Online

Process of linking the UAN with the Aadhaar card using the official website

https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/. Linking process always deals with the e-KYC information of the employee. You have to give full details and provided registered mobile numbers and email address in order to link the cards. The EPFO has generated a website portal to ease the work for the employees all over the country. We have two methods of linking the Aadhaar and the UAN details.

  • Bio metric information
  • OTP confirmation.

How to link EPFO UAN Account with Aadhaar using link iwu.epfindia.gov.in

Using the biometric method

  1. Go to the web browser and key in the official website link: https://iwu.epfindia.gov.in/eKYC/
  2. Now select the enter button.
  3. On the EPF homepage check for the menu and click on the option” Link UAN Aadhaar”. This can only be found on the section indicated as EPFO member service tab.
  4. After this proceed to enter the UAN number on the blank space given.
  5. Automatically the site will produce an OTP which will be sent to the UAN registered number.
  6. Check from your phone and use the number to confirm by entering it at a given space. Now click the submit tab on the screen.
  7. The system will now bring forth a new page, click on the Aadhaar verification procedure.
  8. Select the bio metric method.
  9. The system will get all your bio metric information using a bio-metric device.  On receiving all details you need to confirm the information before saving. Next key in the submit button.
  10. Automatically the system will link the Aadhaar to the UAN after the whole verification is done.

Note one has to give the correct details this prevents mistakes in future where you need to link other cared like the PAN card. Remember the government issued an order for all cards to be linked to the Aadhaar card. These curbs a lot of crimes and helps government distribute subsidies equally.

How to link EPFO UAN Number with Aadhaar using OTP verification?

The OTP method also happens online where one needs to have the correct mobile number. It the same number you registered while getting the UAN number.

  1. Navigate to the official website page:  https://iwu.epfindia.gov.in/eKYC/
  2. Landing on the EPFO page you can now click on the tab “linkUAN Aadhaar” which is located at the EPFO member menu.
  3. Continue to the new page where you are to enter the details:
  4. UAN number
  5. Registered mobile number
  6. Click on the generate OTP which will be sent automatically to the registered mobile number.
  7. Key in your gender
  8. Aadhaar number and the method to verify the procedure: using OTP or the bio-metric method. Click on the OTP method.
  9. Note the OTP number has to be filled in the space given. Ensure you have the number with you to continue with the procedure.
  10. After the process is done click on the submit button. The linking process is successful and one can access the EPF details from their account.

How to Track e-KYC details from EPFO UAN Portal?

Tracking the e-KYC details doesn’t take a lot of one’s time. With good flow of internet one will access the website with any smart device.  Follow the below steps:

  • Using your smart go to the web browser and key in the EPF link:
  • https://iwu.epfindia.gov.in/eKYC/
  • On the menu go to the option “track e-KYC” which is below the “link UAN Aadhaar” service.
  • The system will bring forth a new page where the employee is to key in the UAN number.
  • Enter the security code given on the screen; there is a refresh button on the same page where one clicks if the captcha code doesn’t show.
  • Now select the e-KYC track button, this will lead you to a new page where you can check out the status of the E-KYC information. Form here one can also change the details in need be.

This website has become the sole helper for employees as they don’t need to visit the employer’s offices. EPFO website hosts a lot of information for both employer and employee. The site also show benefits of the EPF and contributions made for each member.

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