UAN Activation – How to Activate UAN And Register Online

The universal account number (UAN) Activation – How to Activate UAN And Register Online at EPFO Portal. How to Activate UAN free at

UAN Activation

The universal account number (UAN) is a significant facility for all EPF members. The number has a great effect on the operation of EPF activities. It’s recommended for all members to register and activate the UAN to access the EPFO portal. The EPFO has simplified the activation process by including an online service. Before EPF, members had to visit the employer’s office to request for uan activation physically. For the online process, the applicant needs to fill a form and send the activation request form to the employer online. This reduces congestion and saves time and resources. UAN also helps employee check their PF details directly without the employer’s help.

Features of UAN

  • The universal account number is unique to all members. 
  • Only UAN numbers can be used during the working life of an individual. 
  • UAN is a 12-digit legal document issued by the EPFO.
  • To benefit from the EPFO portal, members need to seed the Aadhaar card and bank account with UAN. 
  • The employees don’t require the employer’s verification to withdraw or access the EPF account.

Benefits of UAN

  • The universal account number helps merge all PF accounts into one unified account. 
  • Employees can withdraw their PF funds online. 
  • The EPF members can transfer funds from their old account to new through the EPFO portal. 
  • EPF members can check their claim status, balance and withdraw online. They can log in using a member id or UAN number. 
  • New workers don’t have to verify their profiles if the Aadhaar and bank KYC details are linked to the UAN. 
  • The numbers help employee withdraw their PF without the employer’s restrictions. 
  • Today employees can check their PF contributions online. 
  • It’s easy to get employee account details and bank KYC without the help of the employer. 

How to Know Employees EPFO UAN Number

The UAN number is easy to generate. Employees can use the following methods to know their UAN.

Through your employer.

The employer method is the easiest offline method of retrieving the UAN. To curb the congestions and delays. The majority of employers print the UAN number on the monthly salary slip. It’s easy and requires no documentation. However, the employer needs to activate the uan number for the employee to access EPFO services.

Using the UAN portal via the PF member id

Employees can retrieve the UAN number through the UAN portal. Using the following steps.

  1. Open the UAN portal and select the option “know your UAN status” on the homepage.
  2. A new page will show choose your state and EPFO office from the menu.
  3. Next, enter your PF member ID, name, date of birth, registered mobile number, and security code. 
  4. An employee can get their PF member ID on the salary slip. 
  5. Next, click the option “get authorization.”
  6. The portal will send an OTP number to the mobile number. Use the code and select “validate OTP and get UAN” options. 
  7. The system will automatically send the UAN to your registered mobile number.

How to UAN Activation and Login at EPFO Portal

The UAN activation process requires the user to have the member id. The number is available on the salary slip.

  1. Visit the EPFO website page.
  3. On the homepage, choose the option “our services” proceed to the tab “for employees.”
  4. Next, click “member UAN /online services” to get the UAN page.
  5. Now key in your UAN, PF member ID, and the security code to proceed.
  6. Select the options “get authorization code.” The PIN will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  7. Next, read the page disclaimer and click the checkbox “I agree.”
  8. Enter the OTP received on your mobile number to verify the details and activate your UAN.
  9. After the uan activation, the system will send a password via your mobile number.
  10. The EPF member can change the password through the UAN portal.

Required documents

  • Bank details such as bank name, IFSC code, etc.
  • Identity proof documents. 
  • Address proof details
  • PAN and Aadhaar cards.
  • ESIC card.


  1. How can an EPF member generate UAN?

    The UAN is generated by the EPFO and allocated to each registered EPF member. The number is unique for all members. EPF members cannot have multiple UAN numbers.

  2. How can new employees get a UAN?

    A new will provide the old PF account details to the new employer. The employer will verify the details and forward the information to EPFO. To get the UAN and the employer will send it after EPFO generates the number.

  3. Why does the UAN have a list of my previous member IDs?

    The UAN is designed to merge all previous PF accounts to one single PF account. The UAN contains all the PF account details for records.

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